Scottlynn Drey Johnson

                             April 5th, 2018

                                                           Scottlynn (Scottie) Johnson


FB9A5355 2.jpg
FB9A5356 2.jpg

Here I am late at night almost three months later writing about my babys birth story while she is sleeping in her light pink bassinet next to me. This is a dream come true and I truly can't remember how I lived without this little one in my life.

So onto my birth story! Its crazy because i feel like it was yesterday! Why does time have to fly by so fast already?!

So my water broke the night of April 4th around 1030pm. Because I had tested positive for group B at 16 weeks pregnant I had to go into the hospital sooner then later to put me on antibiotics. So I took a quick shower then around midnight I was admitted into the hospital. I was only dilated to 1.5cm I wasn't have constant contractions so they wanted me to walk around. I had my doula with me Chloe (Which I can't rave about enough) and I had travis sleeping because one of us had to get sleep you know? Around 8am they gave me this pill like half a size of a M&M pill and they would make me start having more consistent contractions. Around 12pm they had started to become more consistent but then gave me another pill. Then they started coming more consistent and I was breathing them threw I had my headphones on and was listening to my calming music and then around 2pm they gave me pain reliever threw my IV and you guys let me tell you! This stuff was the best. I was hallucinating. I was seeing dancing pumpkins, and then when contractions came in small I was seeing myself riding a wave and as it got bigger the wave got bigger. It was crazy haha Chloe said at this  point she would rub my feet with oil and back but I don't remember this haha but once that medicine wore off there was no more breathing it threw or listening to any relaxation. I was hooked up on monitors so I didn't move much and was all doing this in bed. But I told them that I needed to get out of the bed and have Travis do this hip thing to revive pressure when the contractions do come up strong. Which helped a  ton. One thing if you are reading this a side note is to remember you do have a voice, and can ask to do something. If they say no ask for a reason. Anyways again they didn't want to check how dilated I was because my water had broke. My contractions were killer you guys. They suggested I go to the bathroom and I remember going and then right when I came out of the bathroom a contraction was coming and I had Travis holding me. I could barely stand at this point. The nursers were kinda hesitant to give me the epurdual because they didn't know how far dilated I was. I was doing my best to get threw each contraction I had Travis and Chloe telling me I can do it and getting me threw it. But I was screaming for the epidural! I am pretty sure the whole floor could hear me. But it is just what helped me at the time. I would start of with a low grown and then it would end up being a scream. So when I got the epidural thank goodness it wasn't in the middle of contraction but I had only felt the numbing shot which wasn't bad at all! I was waiting for the paint of the epidural but then he said he was done and I was like really? I didn't believe it because I didn't feel a thing. So the thing I was scared of the most I didn't even feel. So they decided to check how dilated I was after I got the epidural I was hoping I would be at least a 5 or 6cm so I didn't seem like a baby but no you guys! I was dialed a 8.5!!!! Thats 8.5!!!!! I wouldn't recommend waiting for a epidural that but hey I did it hahaha now I know next time when I start feeling the real pain to get it right away anyways I had the perfect epidural I could still kinda feel my toes and then I could feel the contractions coming on the top of my stomach so I knew where to push. So about two hours later I was ready to push. I wasn't expecting to push for 2.5 hours but I did! It honestly didn't feel that long and I think I was still kinda out of it because I was cracking jokes the whole time haha and because I took so long to push my midwife talked my husband to catch the baby when she came out! And he did! He caught baby Scottie! Which I know made him so so happy! but at 9:19pm we had our perfect little 6 pound baby! I love her so much! That moment was the best and I am glad I had Rozlyn photo it because it was perfect! It was the most positive experience I could have had for my birth. Everyone helped me so much all the nursers were so nice and I LOVED my midwife. 


Baby Shower!

Baby Shower!

I had to have pink bread bowls! And a bonus it was so so good!!

I had to have pink bread bowls! And a bonus it was so so good!!

Ashley did my hair and I LOVED it she is seriously amazing at what she does.

Ashley did my hair and I LOVED it she is seriously amazing at what she does.


Baby Scottlynn's shower!

February 24th one of the best days of my life. Being surrounded by friends and family I felt so loved and truly grateful for my baby to have so much support already! It turned out better then I could have imagined!

People have asked me where I got all the things! That is also why I decided to blog about it! I will start with the amazing tables! I can't say enough about OakBloomRents I got the tables and white chairs the runners as well the welcome sign! They didn't have a delivery fee and she handmade them all! She is seriously the sweetest! 

On the tables:

The greenery I got a friend to pick up Madie Richardson! She was so so nice and I could rely on her for anything!

The runner: OakBloomRents

The candlesticks: Those are mine! I have 20 of them so if anyone needs to borrow them tell me!

The plates and silverware: Amazon!

The pink bread bowls: They were a HUGE hit! One of my cousins Lindsey Pruitt suggested that I get them! And I am so glad they were so cute and so delish! I eat at least 3 of them haha They are from Whole Grain Natural Bread Co. They are located on Val Vista and Southern.

The Arch: I photographed a wedding last year and I asked to borrow it but she actually sold it to me! It was the perfect touch! I loved it! and the flowers on the arch I just got at Trader Joes the night before and my sister-in-law Emma put them together!

Baby Balloon: Amazon!

Peacock Chair and Dessert/Food tables:  I also did a collaboration photoshoot with WeddingGirls and I knew I had to have those tables and Peacock chair! I know I am so extra having that chair but it was so so cute!

The desserts: The cake my amazing sister in law Emma made! She is seriously amazing! And not only was it exactly what I wanted but it tasted SO GOOD! Best cake I have ever tasted! She also made the fruit tarts which was so good we even made more the next day haha

The cake topper: "about to pop" I got at pinners conference when they came back in October I forgot the shop I got it.

These are the items I got asked about he most! And I can't thank everyone that recommended and helped out the most!

I want to thank my sister-in-law Emma she seriously did so so much last minute things for me and the day of the shower. I also want to thank my cousin Lindsey for going to the grocery store a thousand times to blow up the balloons! She came in clutch! One of my bestie Alesha! She came so early to help out and brought the ice for the Italian ice and cleaning up after! Of course my mom! She does so so much for me she truly is my best friend! I also want to thank my friends Joni and McCall for helping out when food needed to be refilled and help clean up!

I just want to thank everyone that helped because it means so much to me and writing this out makes me so grateful for the friends and family that support me and my little family.

Also going to get my toes done after with Alesha and Kelley was so much fun!



South Carolina


South Carolina

This was the best relaxing trip! I was there Saturday to Saturday the Friday night before I left I was photographing a Wedding that started at 9:30am and got home at 12 at night! My flight left at 5am and woke up at 3am it was crazy but when I got to the beach later that night it was all worth it! 

When first arriving in Myrtle Beach we dropped off our luggage at the Beach House and checked out a little place called Broadway on the Beach. It had a ton of little shopping places, fun little amusement/water park and tons of entertainment! We ate at Wahlburgers! Which if you didn't know my husband Travis is pretty much obsessed with Mark and Donnie Wahlburger, he watches Blue Bloods and all of Mark Wahlburgers moves! So of course I got him a shirt to bring home to him! The burger I got was called The Donnies Favorite and it so good! The onion rings were to die for they were so good! It was such a neat restaurant and everyone was so nice! Then after we went to the beach!

During out trip we went to the pier and boardwalk and it was so fun! They had the best lemonade and grabbed some Ice Cream! Chocolate Cookie Dough is one of my go-to favorite flavors so I got that at one of the ice cream places! They had an arcade there that was so cute and reminded me if I was in a movie! Speaking of movies, South Carolina reminded me so much of a Nichols Sparks movie and book! The tall green grass with the white warm sand was so pretty! 

Pretty much this trip I didn't have great cell phone service so I turned my phone off for 2 days and relaxed by the beach all day for a week! Also the water was so warm which was perfect! It was amazing and so fun! I can't wait to go back with my husband this time next time around!

In the last photo it is a picture of a bracelet and it reads, "Choose your Mood" I got it at an event I went to last year called Be Bonafide! Basically woman meet up do Yoga and inspirational speakers talk! It changed my life. We sat with 8 girls around the table and just talked about life our ups and downs and I got this bracelet just to remind me I am in control how I feel and how I can handle situations in my life! It is a great remember that I wear everyday! They don't have that one in stock right now but one similar saying "Be Present" The bracelet is found here! If you want to own one yourself! 


Dusty Blue Dress is found Here! I am wearing a Small and I am 5'5! It is light weight and I feel it looks amazing on everyone! I know this dress is going to be my favorite this summer!

Lace up shoes I found at Forever 21 some similar found Here!

The Flower Swimming Suit is found on Swimzii you can find them on instagram here! There website is coming soon! I am 5'5 and it fit perfect! 

The Black Swimming Suit I wore is found Here! It had the cutest flower details and is the perfect black swimming suit! 

The pink lipstick I am wearing is Snob by MAC it is the perfect shade of Pink! Found here! I LOVE it and it seriously looks good on everyone! Its just one of those colors! 

The Palm Tree Ocean Breeze shirt I got from Linds.ShopStevie! Her website is found Here! I am wearing a size medium for length! But she sold out of it so I found another Rep that sells it in White! The link is found here! It is also so soft and the perfect shirt for summer!

 The last swimming suit I found on Amazon! It seriously fits amazing! I would recommend this swimming suit to everyone! Its so cute! It is found here




A Day at Disneyland!


This trip was so much fun! I had a photoshoot early Saturday morning and then our flight left at 6pm to California where our friends Eric and Kelley Mcneil picked us up! We ate at Farrells, which we have to go to the day before we go to Disneyland, its a tradition! Which I wish they had a Farrells in Arizona. 

We woke up early morning to be at Disneyland right when it opened! We did our routine which I posted about about two months ago! This time we eat beignets at the Juliep Cafe which I recommend because they are amazing! You can also find them in Downtown Disneyland as well! 

We stayed for a whole 16 hours and it was the best time ever! We drove back with our friends the next day and on the drive home I whipped up a super amateur but fun video!

This video was shot on a iPhone 7! Its not the best quality and very amateur but I had so much fun with my friends and Travis making this video! So it pretty much sums up a fun time and lots of selfies! 

All day I felt like a Hershey kiss wearing my Silver Dreamers Welcome Bomber jacket, but it kept me warm and I got it on sale! It still is on sale and can find it  Here!

The shirt I was wearing under the bomber jacket was from Goldyn Eero and they have THEE softest shirts!! Do you recognize the Indian? If not,  Its from the tootsie roll lollipops! Grab yourself a shirt found here!

Black leggings found here! These leggings are only 8 dollars and are so soft!

These nike shoes are the best when walking around Disneyland! I got mine while in Portland but you can find them here!

Atlanta, Georgia

Us at the Coca-Cola Factory behind the Vault were they keep the recipe!

Us at the Coca-Cola Factory behind the Vault were they keep the recipe!

I don't have kids but the Fawn diaper bag was perfect for being out all day and exploring the city! It had built in pockets inside to keep me organized and tons of space to add little snacks a water bottle and even souvenirs! One thing I love about his bag is that if I want to wear it as a backpack I can and if I want to wear it as a long purse I can! 

I don't have kids but the Fawn diaper bag was perfect for being out all day and exploring the city! It had built in pockets inside to keep me organized and tons of space to add little snacks a water bottle and even souvenirs! One thing I love about his bag is that if I want to wear it as a backpack I can and if I want to wear it as a long purse I can! 

We were in Georgia for an amazing 10 days! We stayed at my sister-in-laws husbands parents house! Did you keep up with that? haha! They lived about 45 mins north from downtown Atlanta! One of our first things we did when we got to Georgia was go to the Temple! It was so pretty! It was great to start off the trip going to the Temple. Then after we spent the day in midtown Atlanta where we walked around and ate at Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles which I would recommend! It was amazing! 

Now, downtown Atlanta there was so much to do and it can get very expensive real fast! One thing that me and Travis did to save money was get a CityScape booklet! This booklet is a life saver and allows you to see six different attractions which includes the Aquarium, The Zoo, The College Football Experience, CNN tours, The MLK Museum and the Coca-Cola Factory! This was about 70 dollars a person! Just alone to get into the Aquarium and the Coca-Cola factory would have been 120 total. The pass is good for nine days so it gives you plenty of time to do it all! Anyways, lets talk about the Aquarium, I want to say it is the biggest one in the US and it was HUGE, they had so many different animals and the ticket even comes with a dolphin show which was probably my favorite! It was a little under an hour show and the dolphins and trainers were so entertaining! The next place I loved was the Coca-Cola factory! When you first walk in they give you a cola and you watch a cute 10 min video! There was so much to do there but my favorite had to be the tasting room which you can taste different sodas that Coke manufactures across the world! Travis tasted a really gross one that tasted like vomit, it was from Italy, so if you go BEWARE! I on the other hand kept to tasting the cotton candy flavor soda! After all the museums we went on the Ferris wheel downtown and walked around Continental park!

One day we went to Stone Mountain which is a huge stone that looks like a mountain. We walked all the way up it which I was dying the whole time but the view was worth it! It was so gorgeous and you could see all of Atlanta and all the scenery around us!

We visited a little town called Roswell which had a couple antique shops and little places to eat! We also visited a couple historic plantation houses which we toured, I can't explain how georgous the houses were up there! So beyond pretty! One day we took a walk around the neighborhoods and I probably took a ton of pictures just on the houses! The last day we were there we took a walk down by a little waterfall actually located in a neighborhood! It was so peaceful and pretty! 

Okay, I think I covered everything! So go visit Atlanta Georgia! It is so much fun and a ton to do! 


The mustard yellow cardigan is similar here!

The rust color sweater I am wearing is so soft! Bonus! they have a ton of colors! Found here!

The striped turtleneck sweater a similar one is found here!

These booties I could do a marathon in...okay maybe not but they are amazing, they are one of my most comfortable shoes I own! They are found here!

Last but not least are my favorite jeans ever! They fit tight around the ankles and don't look all bunched up when I roll them up which I love! They have a bit of a stretch which makes them the best combo ever! Similar found here!

Tips and Tricks around Disneyland!


This is the Pineapple Dole Whip!   

This is the Pineapple Dole Whip!


The Raspberry Macroon From the Jolly Holiday!

The Raspberry Macroon From the Jolly Holiday!

The coconut maroon from the Jolly Holiday Cafe!

The coconut maroon from the Jolly Holiday Cafe!



How can grown adults be obsessed with Disneyland?...I probably get this question every time I tell people I LOVE Disneyland. I will answer that question with the answer, it’s all about having a routine. The first time I went to Disneyland everything was sensory overload, the lines were long and honestly I stillhad a good time, but it wasn't a life changing experience. I remember being a freshman in High School and I remember my team was going to go to Disneyland, and I didn't think much of it until we were there. There was probably about a group of six of us and one girl was in charge there. She had a routine of what to do and when we executed her routine perfectly, after that was the first time I craved to go back!

Since then, I have been about twice a year! When we go to Disneyland we always get a one day park-hopper. This allows you to go to Disneyland and California Adventures, which I recommend when you go you go to both parks! 

Okayonto my routine!...we always buy our tickets before and print them out so there is less wait, and when you enter the gates they give you a "real" ticket with characters on it. It will save you in waiting in two lines. It being Christmas time, Disneyland hands out homemade candy canes, however, they only handout about 120. So you will get a wristband and come back around 10am-2pm to get a candy cane. They change where they hand them out everyday so I would just ask the front gate people where they are handing them out. After that little adventure, we always go straight to Space Mountain, because you are the first ones in you will only wait 10-15 mins which is nothing. Next we go onto Star Tours which I have to say is my favorite! Then the Matterhorn, and if you go to the left lane the actual sleigh ride goes a bit faster than the right. After the Matterhorn you could go to the kid rides which include tea cups, Peter pan ride etc. We usually skip that because when we do have kids we will take them on those rides. We then go to Pirates of the Caribbean, then the Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain. So by then we will have rode about 6-7 rides all by 11am which is amazing! I aways make sure to make a lunch reservation online on the Disney app which we will typically choose to eat at the all you can eat BBQ but because Star Wars land is getting built they closed it down and are going to reopen on Tom Sawyers Island. Instead we had bread bowls, which is inbetween the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and the New Orleans Cafe. We always make sure we sit down and eat, this gives us a break and a breather. After we eat we usually ride one more ride in Disneyland and then go get our Dole Whip pineapple  ice cream! This is found by the Tiki room, there are two lines which you can get it, the line inside is ALWAYS smaller and you will get it faster. Then we walk to California Adventures!

Now part two is California Adventures, this is where we use our fast passes! We go to the Grizzly Bear Rapids and get our World of Color tickets. There are no Ifs, Ands, or Buts, you HAVE to go to it! Its beyond amazing and comes with your ticket! After this, it is immediately on to Soarin Around the World (they changed it to around the world instead of just California) and from there we either choose Tour of Terror, Screamin California, or Toy Story Maniadepending on which line is shortest! Now, let’s talk about the Cars ride. We always ride single rider because honestly that wait is at least an hour to three hours long, and when you ride single rider it takes half the time and is still so so fun and you can even go twice if you want! After, we always go back to Soarin Around the World because we love that ride, and after it is usually dinner time. We usually go to Downtown Disneyland where there is an amazingrestaurant called Naples. After, we kind of wing it until World of Color. When World of Color is finished, we go back to Disneyland and get our favoritetreats and ride our favorite rides until midnight! This leads perfectly into the Disneyland fireworks!! And that is my routine usually...

Now, let’s talk food! This has its own section! There are churros all around Disneyland an California Adventures! I always get the churros whenever I see a cart. Yeah, I am pretty bad! At Disneyland there is a Cafe called the Jolly Holiday, here they have the best Macaroons!! I always get the CoconutMatterhorn as well as the Raspberry Micky Mouse! At Halloween they have this amazing hot cinnamon apple cider which is sooooo good! I actually had it at my wedding. This past trip at Christmas time they had gingerbread man cookies  and I wish I would have grabbed 10 they were so good! At Candy Palace on Main Street they have chocolate covered pineapple which is a must, but also they have Caramel apples! I always get the apple pie flavor andsave it for when I get home put it in the oven for about 15 seconds and the results are amazing! Now, I am sure I am missing a lot of food options but these are definitely my go-to desserts!

The more you go to Disneyland and make it your own, the more you fall in love. SO have fun going, using some of my tips and tricks and make it your own to love!! I am by no means an expert but just have found what I like to do and see...I always look on new sights to see what more I can do!



This is typically how I will organize my calendar I will even add photos if something eventful happens that week! That way every year I can go back and see what I did that week!

This is typically how I will organize my calendar I will even add photos if something eventful happens that week! That way every year I can go back and see what I did that week!

If you are anything like me then you have done research on what is the perfect calendar for your everyday life. Well I have found it!!

This will be my third time ordering this calendar and I lOVE it! I am the type of person if I don't write things down I will forget it! no ands, if or buts! That is why I needed a calendar in the first place.

Let me give you the layout about Erin Condren. I love how the covers are interchangeable! So if in the middle of the year I want a different look to my calendar I can change it up! The calendar comes in a black and white or colorful it even has a vertical or horizontal lay out! This year I got black and white with a horizontal layout! I also love scrapbooking but don't have the time to really sit down and scrapbook for hours. But with Erin Condren they come with some stickers! I seriously can not rave about these calendars enough! Well worth the money and the quality is amazing!

Right now today they are having a extended cyber Monday sale that ends tonight! That means 30 percent off that comes to about 17 dollars off your order and free shipping! That means the total price is about percent off! I just got mine for 38.50 which is amazing and you rarely ever see these Calendars on sale! Also if you order it now it will come just in time for the new year!


Here is a direct link to the website!

Salt Lake City



I arrived in Utah Tuesday and the first thing I did was go to the mountains! One of the things I love most about Utah are the mountains. I feel that fall is the best time to visit Utah; it is absolutely gorgeous. The trees are changing colors, the weather gets a bit cooler, and the scenery is absolutely beautiful.  After that we visited the aquarium they have in Draper. We went during the day so no one was there, and there was so much to see and do! 

That night we hung out with our friends Landon and Sydnee. We went to a restaurant called the Dodo in Salt Lake City. They have the best pies!! We ordered a peanut butter pie and it was so delicious!! If you know me you know I love nutella and peanut butter, and can eat it by the spoonful. 

The next day we visited Antelope Island. First, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. Second, I was surprised by how many animals there were! My favorite part was how there weren't any fences around the island so you could get as close or far away to the animals as you wanted. In one of my photos you can see I got close to a bison and that whole time I was hoping it wouldn't charge after me. Thankfully it didn't and I got back in my car.  I am going to try to go back there every time I go to Utah because it was so surreal and such an amazing experience! I recommend everyone go. 

Thank you for reading!



Flannel Shirt found at target! Also found Here! I wore a mustard yellow sweater over the flannel similar found Here! 

The coat you see in the first photo is found Here! Let me just say that Junky Trunk always has sales on items! I also love that they are local in Arizona and I love supporting small businesses!

This winter it was time to get a new white sweater and target was the perfect place to get one! They last years and keep me warm during the Arizona winters! Sweater found Here! 

Scarf similar found Here!

My shoes I got from Francescas and similar are found Here! These shoes are even on sale! 

My lip color is Lipsense Mulled Wine. This has been my go-to color lately!



The neighborhoods in Portland are absolutely gorgeous. I loved the old town mixed with a modern twist. When we stopped at the house we were staying at it was so dreamy and the architecture and little details just made the house feel like home right away. It was three stories and included a hot tub in the back which was perfect at night to wind down after our days. I have now convinced Travis we need one, and I am pretty sure he is on board with the idea! ha

One of the first stops we made was an ice cream place called Salt & Straw. They are known for ice cream, and their flavors being very unusual. In the second picture down you can see a picture of it, and on the bottom is an apple butter with honey lavender on top. I love lavender and it tasted even better than I could have imagined. My husband Travis did not like it at all and gagged when he tasted it. It was funny because I told him it was blueberry and he always listens to me. Haha! I do things like that ALL the time and he is a good sport about it. Do you  guys ever do anything like that? or am I the only one...

Let’s talk donuts..or doughnuts...Blue Star or Voodoo...They are both different and for a good reason. Blue Star is more of a filling type place and will keep you full. While there, I got Blueberry Bourbon Basil and a buttermilk old fashion. Voodoo doughnuts is a more fun try different odd-ball types of doughnuts. At voodoo doughnuts, my favorite was a captain crunch flavor doughnut! It was so good! I would say I liked blue star better but it was a very close race. 

If we could have stayed at the Oregon Coast the whole time I would have. It is  absolutely gorgeous. First, there was hardly anyone at the beach. Second, pictures just cannot do justice to how big Haystack Rock is on cannon beach. Also, if you recognize the rock it is because it from the movie The Goonies! How cool is that?

All week I was excited to see Powell's Book Store. To say the store is HUGE is an understatement. There were over eight different levels of different kinds of books. Kind of feeling overwhelmed, I went to the fashion and design section where I got a new sewing book and even a cute little sewing tote bag printed of a sewing machine. It was amazing just to be in the city and to experience how amazing Portland really is.

On our last day we went to see Latourell Falls and Multnomah Falls. They were only a 10 min drive from each other. We woke up early that day and were the only ones there. Latourell Falls was amazing because you could walk right up to it and even get in if you feel the need to do so haha...if it wasn't freezing I totally would have! It was 8am during our visit there so we decided to try the restaurant at Multnomah Falls and you must eat there! It was so good!!!! I got french toast with blueberries! Right outside the restaurant there is a little stand that sells little goodies and they happened to have  cinnamon roasted almonds which I got and would recommend you get those as well!!

The last thing we did before we headed to the Airport was go to Saint John's Bridge. I didn't realize how big it was until driving on it. They had gorgeous views and the best part was under the bridge. There we could see how beautiful the architecture was. 

Portland was better than I could have ever dreamed! It was so fun to see the culture of it all. Just going for the food is worth it! Sooooo good!


Until next time…



I was lucky to find a rain coat here in AZ but for only 21 it was a steal! it is still on sale here!

This is a perfect pink color and extremely soft sweater. I can already tell this is going to be my favorite sweater this fall! Found Here! 

A similar tan sweater I wore in Portland is here!



Lets talk Lipsticks!

I have been getting so many requests on Instagram and Snapchat about what color and brand of lipstick I have been wearing while here in Portland, and I am glad to share it with you!

I am a lipstick kind of girl! I LOVE my lipsticks! I am a firm believer that a girl with lipstick on can rule the world!! Also wearing lipstick for me at least sets the mood for the rest of the day. 

When my friend Melissa messaged me saying I had to try LipSense I couldn't say no. A product that could stay on for 4-18 hours, no smearing, waterproof also GMO free, Wax free, Gluten free and led free and it is not tested on animals. I couldn't believe it and had to try it for myself!  I wore it all vacation, and I applied it every morning once, and I was golden the rest of the day! No more reapplying over and over again and the best part is I could kiss my husband all day long and it would not come off!! Another fact about this lipstick, is that it is NOT a stain, it molecularly bonds to your lips while hydrating your lips as well!

I decided for the first time I would get a darker nude color. I wear a similar mac lipstick so I knew I would love this color! For my first coat I put First Love, then Praline Rose, after that First Love again. Making three coats total of just the colors. The final step I  put the glossy gloss over the color. The gloss is a must because it really moisturizes your lips but isn't a super sticky gloss which I love!! This color was perfect for any outfit it matched! Bonus!

I am going to put a link to Melissa Facebook page here!  On the page you can ask her questions, and see the many different colors LipSense has to offer, you can also order your starter kit!! Feel free to ask me questions, and what I can do to help you get the best lipstick ever!!

Guide to Packing for a Trip

Packing list I use for my carry-on and purse

Packing list I use for my carry-on and purse

Some must have the things I put in my carry-on and purse when I go on a trip!

Some must have the things I put in my carry-on and purse when I go on a trip!

My pink Michael Kors bag I bring on the plane with me, or if driving put in the front seat with me.

My pink Michael Kors bag I bring on the plane with me, or if driving put in the front seat with me.

Can we just talk about how perfect that bird photobombed the picture! haha This picture I posted to give you another angle of the bag and how much it can hold. 

Can we just talk about how perfect that bird photobombed the picture! haha This picture I posted to give you another angle of the bag and how much it can hold. 

With Summer ending, I know people are wanting to get their last minute trips in until the Holidays arrive. Here is how I can help you with that!

After I have booked my flight, found a place for us to stay, and as we wait for our trip to begin, we do one of the most important pre-trip activities, packing!

In the photo you can see "PACKING LIST FOR TRIPS" this has been my go-to list for years now, to get the things I need. This list only includes items for carry-on bags and a "purse" . Of course some of the items are a bit luxurious and sometimes you won't need to bring them, but I feel they are important to still have on the list. This list is a mix of what I put in my carry-on and little pink bag I bring on trips.

1. Electronics: On the airplane or in the car whichever you are traveling, I do not recommend  magazines because I feel they take up a lot of space when you could download different apps onto your iPad or device that can fulfill the same desire a magazine would. Right before I leave for a trip, I make sure I have a book downloaded to my devices that I have been wanting to read. Next, I always bring a portable charger, you can find them on Amazon for pretty cheap and I will put an example on the bottom of the page. If you are anything like me, I feel my phone is always at 20 percent and always needs to be charged, so having that extra portable charger will help a lot when we are actually on the airplane. 

2. Personal Items: I don't know what it is about airplanes but I feel my hands and arms are always dry! Anyone else have this problem? Anyways, I will put the hand sanitizer I have on first, and then lotion. I do not wear contacts but I put that on the list just for the ones that are reading this list. The next item is Chapstick. It is the one of the most important things anytime I go to a new place, my lips get chapped and this item can be easily over looked. I always keep chapstick in my back pocket or front pocket of my bag. Make-up, everyone has their makeup routine and what they bring and mine on the list. On the airplane I will bring a hair tie just incase I forgot to pack one for the trip. Which has happened plenty of times.

3.Comfort Items: A travel pillow is not needed but sometimes you like to bring your own pillow to feel that you have a little bit of home with you. So when I travel in a car I bring my pillow, and usually a favorite blanket, other then that I don't have a fancy shmancy travel pillow that goes around your neck but some say it is worth it so I myself may invest in one. A refillable water bottle with filter! This one is important, because when you travel It seems that water is a billion dollars more then it would be if you bought it at home. This is a saver because I have one water bottle I can have all of the trip. Socks having comfy socks while traveling is the best! Don't know why, but it is, Trust me!

4.Back-up Items: Good to have back-up just incase something unplanned happens.

5.Food/Medicine: Gum so when the plane takes off and comes down to pop your ears. I want to add if you are traveling with babies you can give them a bottle when take off happens as well as when it comes down to help there ears not hurt. My husband Travis sometimes gets nauseous so to help him I save up sonic mints and give it to him on the plane. Don't ask me why sonic have the best mints but they do! And I always bring my own snacks just incase we get hungry. 

6. Other: The reason I put print out flight and hotel/Room information is just incase something goes wrong on our phones we can still have access to the information. I usually store this information on the bottom of my bag I bring on the plane. Notebook and pen to write little things down. 

My main bag: Sometimes I will put a hair dryer in here just incase the place I am going I know doesn't have one. I also pack all of my clothes I am wearing on this trip as well. This will include extra things like hoodies, and gloves.

Another go to I pack are hand warmers!! I can't stress how important this is if you are going somewhere cold which I am. If you live in Arizona its a bonus because they will be on sale because it is still 100 degrees over here!

Now that I went over the list, a little something I want to go into detail about is how I pack everything. In my pink Michael Kors bag (Travis got for me last year on our anniversary) I pack my flight and room information at the bottom, then my camera and charger goes next. There is a little pocket where my Kindle fits which is amazing! I then put my little go-to makeup bag and wallet in there as well. In the front pocket I put my chapstick, pen and notebook, gum and mints hand lotion and hand sanitizer.  The last thing I put is my portable charger! Now I know it sounds absurd that I fit it all in there, but I do, and I make it work!

With my parents being divorced, since I was five years old, I use to pack every week to go to my dads house. I did this until I was 18. I feel because of that I can pack very well but sometimes I get lazy and forget things but that is okay I think it helps when I have a list that I can go to and double check to keep me in line. 

Hope this post helps for future trips! Thanks for reading!!

Drey Johnson


I got this bag last year so now it is on Sale! It is so easy to clean I just use a wipe! It carries so much for being a bit smaller! You can find it Here!

The shoes I wore around San Francisco I got at DSW, these are similar and in my opinion better and they are only 70 dollars which is a steal because the real Stuart Wietzman are about 700 dollars! But here is the link for over the knee boots! 


One of the portable chargers I use! You can find it here!

Get to Know Me!

Harry Potter World in California

Harry Potter World in California

San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge on our 2 year Anniversary

San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge on our 2 year Anniversary

The last time we were at Disneyland on 4th of July!

The last time we were at Disneyland on 4th of July!

For my first post I am going to be talking about me! A get to know me! I thought it would be fun to do a 10 things about me..

  1. I am surprisingly good at playing Guitar Hero
  2. My second home is Disneyland. Someday soon I want to get season passes! (I will have to do a tips and tricks soon about Disneyland!)
  3. When I tell people my name is Drey without a doubt they ask me if it short for something. The answer is no, its just Drey.
  4. Then the next question is where did your name come from? Honestly, it was a football players last name that played at BYU.
  5. I met my husband when I was 17 years old and married him when I was 21.
  6. We want 3 or 12 kids. Kidding, but when people ask about it that is what I say to throw them off.
  7. I don't like Cheese or Milk. Never have. Once in awhile I will think maybe I will like it but then I gag every time.
  8. I love eating plain hamburgers from McDonalds. Just meat and bun! Sooooo good.
  9. I know how to sew, and whenever I need to relax I sew away!
  10. I am either keeping myself productive and doing something non-stop or binge watching nextflix there is no in between.

There you have it a 10 things you might or might have not known about me! Also I want to go more into detail with number 5. I met my husband Travis at the end of my junior year of high school and oh boy, I had no idea what I was getting myself into! I thought I was so mature and all knowing. However, he was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. In November we will be married for 3 years. On our honeymoon we went to New York! It was so fun and I am dying to go back. Since then we have traveled to Utah, San Francisco, Orlando, and soon Portland.


Here are some links to where you can find my outfit I wore in the first two photos!

Army Pants similar found Here!  

The lipstick shirt I have is sold out but I put another Mindy Maes Market shirt you could pair it with! Also its free when you spend 75 dollars so its a win win! Its found Here!

Also, lets talk Converse shoes! If you live in Arizona get your Converse at the outlet they always have a sale!!