Photography Logo


So let me start of by saying that I am in love with my photography Logo. I had Danielle design my logo, and after I had her design my wedding invitation which I loved, how could I not go back to her to design my new business cards! Her instagram account is threefiftywest. 

Now I want to talk a little about why I started doing photography.

My passion comes from making people happy. I love going to a photoshoot talking to people and learning so much more about them. I got my camera two years ago not really knowing anything about and what I wanted to do with it but wanting to take good photos for myself to have .I read the manual learned a ton and watched youtube videos! Then I started taking pictures with family and close friends. I loved it! I wanted to turn it into a business and now here I am! 

My photography style! I love the candid photos of people just being themselves. Now I know people aren't use to having a camera pointed at them so I usually have them start with one "pose" and go from there. I know each photoshoot is different compared to a family shoot or engagement but I try to incorporate my style in each shoot. 

With that said I would love to take take pictures of your next life event! Just go up to contacts and from there it will email me to get in contact! I cannot wait to hear from you!!