The neighborhoods in Portland are absolutely gorgeous. I loved the old town mixed with a modern twist. When we stopped at the house we were staying at it was so dreamy and the architecture and little details just made the house feel like home right away. It was three stories and included a hot tub in the back which was perfect at night to wind down after our days. I have now convinced Travis we need one, and I am pretty sure he is on board with the idea! ha

One of the first stops we made was an ice cream place called Salt & Straw. They are known for ice cream, and their flavors being very unusual. In the second picture down you can see a picture of it, and on the bottom is an apple butter with honey lavender on top. I love lavender and it tasted even better than I could have imagined. My husband Travis did not like it at all and gagged when he tasted it. It was funny because I told him it was blueberry and he always listens to me. Haha! I do things like that ALL the time and he is a good sport about it. Do you  guys ever do anything like that? or am I the only one...

Let’s talk donuts..or doughnuts...Blue Star or Voodoo...They are both different and for a good reason. Blue Star is more of a filling type place and will keep you full. While there, I got Blueberry Bourbon Basil and a buttermilk old fashion. Voodoo doughnuts is a more fun try different odd-ball types of doughnuts. At voodoo doughnuts, my favorite was a captain crunch flavor doughnut! It was so good! I would say I liked blue star better but it was a very close race. 

If we could have stayed at the Oregon Coast the whole time I would have. It is  absolutely gorgeous. First, there was hardly anyone at the beach. Second, pictures just cannot do justice to how big Haystack Rock is on cannon beach. Also, if you recognize the rock it is because it from the movie The Goonies! How cool is that?

All week I was excited to see Powell's Book Store. To say the store is HUGE is an understatement. There were over eight different levels of different kinds of books. Kind of feeling overwhelmed, I went to the fashion and design section where I got a new sewing book and even a cute little sewing tote bag printed of a sewing machine. It was amazing just to be in the city and to experience how amazing Portland really is.

On our last day we went to see Latourell Falls and Multnomah Falls. They were only a 10 min drive from each other. We woke up early that day and were the only ones there. Latourell Falls was amazing because you could walk right up to it and even get in if you feel the need to do so haha...if it wasn't freezing I totally would have! It was 8am during our visit there so we decided to try the restaurant at Multnomah Falls and you must eat there! It was so good!!!! I got french toast with blueberries! Right outside the restaurant there is a little stand that sells little goodies and they happened to have  cinnamon roasted almonds which I got and would recommend you get those as well!!

The last thing we did before we headed to the Airport was go to Saint John's Bridge. I didn't realize how big it was until driving on it. They had gorgeous views and the best part was under the bridge. There we could see how beautiful the architecture was. 

Portland was better than I could have ever dreamed! It was so fun to see the culture of it all. Just going for the food is worth it! Sooooo good!


Until next time…



I was lucky to find a rain coat here in AZ but for only 21 it was a steal! it is still on sale here!

This is a perfect pink color and extremely soft sweater. I can already tell this is going to be my favorite sweater this fall! Found Here! 

A similar tan sweater I wore in Portland is here!

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