A Day at Disneyland!


This trip was so much fun! I had a photoshoot early Saturday morning and then our flight left at 6pm to California where our friends Eric and Kelley Mcneil picked us up! We ate at Farrells, which we have to go to the day before we go to Disneyland, its a tradition! Which I wish they had a Farrells in Arizona. 

We woke up early morning to be at Disneyland right when it opened! We did our routine which I posted about about two months ago! This time we eat beignets at the Juliep Cafe which I recommend because they are amazing! You can also find them in Downtown Disneyland as well! 

We stayed for a whole 16 hours and it was the best time ever! We drove back with our friends the next day and on the drive home I whipped up a super amateur but fun video!

This video was shot on a iPhone 7! Its not the best quality and very amateur but I had so much fun with my friends and Travis making this video! So it pretty much sums up a fun time and lots of selfies! 

All day I felt like a Hershey kiss wearing my Silver Dreamers Welcome Bomber jacket, but it kept me warm and I got it on sale! It still is on sale and can find it  Here!

The shirt I was wearing under the bomber jacket was from Goldyn Eero and they have THEE softest shirts!! Do you recognize the Indian? If not,  Its from the tootsie roll lollipops! Grab yourself a shirt found here!

Black leggings found here! These leggings are only 8 dollars and are so soft!

These nike shoes are the best when walking around Disneyland! I got mine while in Portland but you can find them here!