Baby Shower!

Baby Shower!

I had to have pink bread bowls! And a bonus it was so so good!!

I had to have pink bread bowls! And a bonus it was so so good!!

Ashley did my hair and I LOVED it she is seriously amazing at what she does.

Ashley did my hair and I LOVED it she is seriously amazing at what she does.


Baby Scottlynn's shower!

February 24th one of the best days of my life. Being surrounded by friends and family I felt so loved and truly grateful for my baby to have so much support already! It turned out better then I could have imagined!

People have asked me where I got all the things! That is also why I decided to blog about it! I will start with the amazing tables! I can't say enough about OakBloomRents I got the tables and white chairs the runners as well the welcome sign! They didn't have a delivery fee and she handmade them all! She is seriously the sweetest! 

On the tables:

The greenery I got a friend to pick up Madie Richardson! She was so so nice and I could rely on her for anything!

The runner: OakBloomRents

The candlesticks: Those are mine! I have 20 of them so if anyone needs to borrow them tell me!

The plates and silverware: Amazon!

The pink bread bowls: They were a HUGE hit! One of my cousins Lindsey Pruitt suggested that I get them! And I am so glad they were so cute and so delish! I eat at least 3 of them haha They are from Whole Grain Natural Bread Co. They are located on Val Vista and Southern.

The Arch: I photographed a wedding last year and I asked to borrow it but she actually sold it to me! It was the perfect touch! I loved it! and the flowers on the arch I just got at Trader Joes the night before and my sister-in-law Emma put them together!

Baby Balloon: Amazon!

Peacock Chair and Dessert/Food tables:  I also did a collaboration photoshoot with WeddingGirls and I knew I had to have those tables and Peacock chair! I know I am so extra having that chair but it was so so cute!

The desserts: The cake my amazing sister in law Emma made! She is seriously amazing! And not only was it exactly what I wanted but it tasted SO GOOD! Best cake I have ever tasted! She also made the fruit tarts which was so good we even made more the next day haha

The cake topper: "about to pop" I got at pinners conference when they came back in October I forgot the shop I got it.

These are the items I got asked about he most! And I can't thank everyone that recommended and helped out the most!

I want to thank my sister-in-law Emma she seriously did so so much last minute things for me and the day of the shower. I also want to thank my cousin Lindsey for going to the grocery store a thousand times to blow up the balloons! She came in clutch! One of my bestie Alesha! She came so early to help out and brought the ice for the Italian ice and cleaning up after! Of course my mom! She does so so much for me she truly is my best friend! I also want to thank my friends Joni and McCall for helping out when food needed to be refilled and help clean up!

I just want to thank everyone that helped because it means so much to me and writing this out makes me so grateful for the friends and family that support me and my little family.

Also going to get my toes done after with Alesha and Kelley was so much fun!



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