Scottlynn Drey Johnson

                             April 5th, 2018

                                                           Scottlynn (Scottie) Johnson


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Here I am late at night almost three months later writing about my babys birth story while she is sleeping in her light pink bassinet next to me. This is a dream come true and I truly can't remember how I lived without this little one in my life.

So onto my birth story! Its crazy because i feel like it was yesterday! Why does time have to fly by so fast already?!

So my water broke the night of April 4th around 1030pm. Because I had tested positive for group B at 16 weeks pregnant I had to go into the hospital sooner then later to put me on antibiotics. So I took a quick shower then around midnight I was admitted into the hospital. I was only dilated to 1.5cm I wasn't have constant contractions so they wanted me to walk around. I had my doula with me Chloe (Which I can't rave about enough) and I had travis sleeping because one of us had to get sleep you know? Around 8am they gave me this pill like half a size of a M&M pill and they would make me start having more consistent contractions. Around 12pm they had started to become more consistent but then gave me another pill. Then they started coming more consistent and I was breathing them threw I had my headphones on and was listening to my calming music and then around 2pm they gave me pain reliever threw my IV and you guys let me tell you! This stuff was the best. I was hallucinating. I was seeing dancing pumpkins, and then when contractions came in small I was seeing myself riding a wave and as it got bigger the wave got bigger. It was crazy haha Chloe said at this  point she would rub my feet with oil and back but I don't remember this haha but once that medicine wore off there was no more breathing it threw or listening to any relaxation. I was hooked up on monitors so I didn't move much and was all doing this in bed. But I told them that I needed to get out of the bed and have Travis do this hip thing to revive pressure when the contractions do come up strong. Which helped a  ton. One thing if you are reading this a side note is to remember you do have a voice, and can ask to do something. If they say no ask for a reason. Anyways again they didn't want to check how dilated I was because my water had broke. My contractions were killer you guys. They suggested I go to the bathroom and I remember going and then right when I came out of the bathroom a contraction was coming and I had Travis holding me. I could barely stand at this point. The nursers were kinda hesitant to give me the epurdual because they didn't know how far dilated I was. I was doing my best to get threw each contraction I had Travis and Chloe telling me I can do it and getting me threw it. But I was screaming for the epidural! I am pretty sure the whole floor could hear me. But it is just what helped me at the time. I would start of with a low grown and then it would end up being a scream. So when I got the epidural thank goodness it wasn't in the middle of contraction but I had only felt the numbing shot which wasn't bad at all! I was waiting for the paint of the epidural but then he said he was done and I was like really? I didn't believe it because I didn't feel a thing. So the thing I was scared of the most I didn't even feel. So they decided to check how dilated I was after I got the epidural I was hoping I would be at least a 5 or 6cm so I didn't seem like a baby but no you guys! I was dialed a 8.5!!!! Thats 8.5!!!!! I wouldn't recommend waiting for a epidural that but hey I did it hahaha now I know next time when I start feeling the real pain to get it right away anyways I had the perfect epidural I could still kinda feel my toes and then I could feel the contractions coming on the top of my stomach so I knew where to push. So about two hours later I was ready to push. I wasn't expecting to push for 2.5 hours but I did! It honestly didn't feel that long and I think I was still kinda out of it because I was cracking jokes the whole time haha and because I took so long to push my midwife talked my husband to catch the baby when she came out! And he did! He caught baby Scottie! Which I know made him so so happy! but at 9:19pm we had our perfect little 6 pound baby! I love her so much! That moment was the best and I am glad I had Rozlyn photo it because it was perfect! It was the most positive experience I could have had for my birth. Everyone helped me so much all the nursers were so nice and I LOVED my midwife. 


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