Lets talk lipsticks!

I have been getting so many requests on Instagram and Snapchat about what color and brand of lipstick I have been wearing while here in Portland, and I am glad to share it with you!

I am a lipstick kind of girl! I LOVE my lipsticks! I am a firm believer that a girl with lipstick on can rule the world!! Also wearing lipstick for me at least sets the mood for the rest of the day. 

When my friend Melissa messaged me saying I had to try LipSense I couldn't say no. A product that could stay on for 4-18 hours, no smearing, waterproof also GMO free, Wax free, Gluten free and led free and it is not tested on animals. I couldn't believe it and had to try it for myself!  I wore it all vacation, and I applied it every morning once, and I was golden the rest of the day! No more reapplying over and over again and the best part is I could kiss my husband all day long and it would not come off!! Another fact about this lipstick, is that it is NOT a stain, it molecularly bonds to your lips while hydrating your lips as well!

I decided for the first time I would get a darker nude color. I wear a similar mac lipstick so I knew I would love this color! For my first coat I put First Love, then Praline Rose, after that First Love again. Making three coats total of just the colors. The final step I  put the glossy gloss over the color. The gloss is a must because it really moisturizes your lips but isn't a super sticky gloss which I love!! This color was perfect for any outfit it matched! Bonus!

I am going to put a link to Melissa Facebook page here!  On the page you can ask her questions, and see the many different colors LipSense has to offer, you can also order your starter kit!! Feel free to ask me questions, and what I can do to help you get the best lipstick ever!!