Baby Georgia


Georgia Peach.

Charlcie emailed me saying she was due in May and wanted me to take her fresh 48 hour photos! I love babies and I couldn't say no! I had never met her or her husband Chance but just last week when I was going to South Carolina I happen to sit next to Charlices Brother-in-law which I had never met but we figured it out because it was a four hour flight and nothing to do but talk! So when he told me that his in law was Charlcie (which is a uncommon name and remember) I said I am doing her baby photos later this month! Anyways, what I am trying to say was that It is a super small world and you never know who you are going to sit by on a airplane! it was so fun meeting everyone!

Charlcie and Chance are going to be great parents! The whole time during the photoshoot you could just see how happy both of them were! Smiling the whole time and couldn't take their eyes off of her!  I had an amazing time!