The Pruitt Family


Trent & LIndsey....

Lindsey and I so happen to know each other in High School and she is Travis's (my husband) cousin. I was so happy to see Lindsey get married to Trent they are such a happy couple the whole time they couldn't keep their eyes off each other laughing the whole time! The first location we went had honey colored leafs and the sun was golden, it couldn't have been more perfect!

A couple days before the shoot Lindsey and I were texting and she was saying how she wanted to go to a tree lot for one of the locations. I was so excited and thought that would be the cutest! So I find one near the first location we arrive at the tree lot and not kidding they only had two trees!! Thats it just two trees! I said we can make it work! and I feel we did because you could never tell in the photos that there were only two trees! haha